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Special offers on some of our products.

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Purple Cupcake Cases

Purple Cupcake Cases£1.99   £1.25

Blue Sugar Flowers

Blue Sugar Flowers£1.79   £0.99

Pink Sugar Flowers

Pink Sugar Flowers£1.79   £0.99

Silver Box for 6 Cupcakes

Silver Box for 6 Cupcakes£1.18   £0.99

Pale Pink Wafer Flowers

Pale Pink Wafer Flowers£1.39   £0.69

Vintage Rose Cupcake Cases

Vintage Rose Cupcake Cases£2.15   £1.50

Daisy Cutter 4cm

Daisy Cutter 4cm£2.69   £1.69

9 Piece Icing Set

9 Piece Icing Set£9.95   £7.95

Assorted Cutters Set of 12

Assorted Cutters Set of 12£6.99   £5.99

England Face Cupcake Rings

England Face Cupcake Rings£1.79   £0.99

Piped Sugar Violets

Piped Sugar Violets£1.99   £1.49

Glitter Party Candles Blue

Glitter Party Candles Blue£0.99   £0.49

Edible Gold Hearts

Edible Gold Hearts£3.75   £2.75

Edible Pink Hearts

Edible Pink Hearts£3.75   £2.75

Edible Silver Hearts

Edible Silver Hearts£3.75   £2.75

Claret Food Colour Paste

Claret Food Colour Paste£2.29   £0.99

Cream Food Colour Paste

Cream Food Colour Paste£2.29   £0.99

Melon Food Colour Paste

Melon Food Colour Paste£2.29   £0.99

Peach Food Colour Paste

Peach Food Colour Paste£2.29   £0.99

Gum Tragacanth

Gum Tragacanth£4.15   £0.99

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Page 1 of 2:    47 Items