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   Hearts are not just for Valentines Day.....

   ..we hope that you are inspired by our love, hearts and Valentines themed cupcakes & cookies which have been made
   using a selection of our decorations, sprinkles and wrappers.


This cupcake has been decorated with a generous swirl of buttercream and finished with a drizzle chocolate heart.    Simple to make the chocolate heart has then been sprinkled with pink non-pareils before leaving to set. 

Drizzle decorations can be easily made by melting some chocolate in the microwave or bain marie & put in a piping bag made from greaseproof paper or a fine tip squeeze bottle.

Snip the end from your greaseproof paper bag to create a fine hole and on baking parchment/ greaseproof paper drizzle the chocolate into whatever shape you want. Sprinkle with non-pareils or just leave as it is. Allow to set or place in the fridge to speed things up.



These small heart cookies have been decorated with Assorted Heart Sugar Decorations and finished off with dots of royal icing. An quick and way of creating  stunning cookies.



   Here we have used Silver Sugar Balls to decorate some                gingerbread hearts. The left cookie has an iced pattern with       the red hearts from our Red and White Heart Sprinkles and          the cookie on the right has a simple decoration of a Red             Embossed Heart .



A simple cupcake, filled with pouring fondant and sprinkled with pink and red non pareils before the fondant sets. Finished with a Double Heart Decoration and a Dotted Red Cupcake Wrapper.

An alternative cupcake using pouring fondant. This time simply finished with an Embossed Pink Heart, co-ordinating Pink and White Heart Sprinkles in a Dotted Pink Cupcake Wrapper.

Sprinkles are not just for cakes and cookies! Here we've used some Chocolate Heart Sprinkles to decorate a mug of hot chocolate after adding a generous swirl of piped fresh cream. 

For more of our heart and love related products, please visit our Valentines themed section of our store.