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We have a great range of chocolate decorations and sprinkles for you to get creative with your cupcakes, we've made a few creations of our own which will hopefully inspire you.



This gorgeous heart shaped cake has been created by cutting two heart shaped pieces of cake from a layer of sponge using a 6cm heart cutter. The two pieces were then sandwiched together and the sides and top covered in buttercream. Strawberry flavoured curls were then gently pressed into the surface until it was completely covered. A simple embossed pink heart finishes it off beautifully.

This cake can be made in any shape you like but keep the shape simple as complicated shapes can lose definition when decorated.


Another cake which has been made using the same method as above except by using a 6cm round cutter, chocolate buttercream and white chocolate vermicelli. The cake has been finished off with a white chocolate butterfly decoration.


A yummy cupcake finished with dark chocolate decorations. A swirl of buttercream is finished with a generous sprinkling of dark chocolate flakes and a duo of chocolate filigree decorations.

This cupcake has been made in one of our range of baking cups, a swirl of chocolate buttercream has been finished off  with some white chocolate star sprinkles and a chocolate filigree decoration.

A modern twist to this cupcake with these silver decor curls which have been piled high on bed of buttercream. Complimented beautifully with a silver foil cupcake case, a similar effect could also be achieved using gold decor curls and a gold foil cupcake case.

White chocolate curls generously heaped onto buttercream. This method can be used with any chocolate curls. Try using contrasting cases for a dramatic look or complementary cases for a more subtle effect.


 An alternative use for chocolate curls here. We have decorated a dessert dish filled with layers of white, milk and dark chocolate mousse with a mix of white and milk chocolate curls. As well as looking great they add texture and crunch to this dessert.


We have lots more chocolate decorations and sprinkles available, including some seasonal items, to see our full range please visit the chocolate section of our store.