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We've been sent some great photos of cupcake creations made by our customers and we wanted to share them.

If you've made some cupcakes using our products and you'd like to be featured in our Customer Gallery then please send us your photos and we'll try and show as many as we can.



 Kate customised our plain wrappers to make this stunning display.

Our customer Katie made this combo of cupcakes and feature larger cake with our metallic sugar balls.

 This fantastic cupcake American flag was made by Hannah for a visiting relative from the US. She has used our star icing tip, glitters and food colourings to decorate these cakes. The blue ones had vanilla flavouring, the red ones were raspberry and the white ones were white chocolate flavoured. Thanks for sharing Hannah.


Thanks to our lovely customer Liz who made these cute cupcakes to celebrate the arrival of her Grandson. Thanks for sharing these photos!

These cakes have been made by our customer Susan for a hen night party. She's used  tulip muffin cases and flower decorations to create these beautiful cakes.


These Halloween themed cupcakes has been made by Tania. Using our black and orange cupcake cases, she has co-ordinated them beautifully with our decorations and picks for a  stunning display!

 Thesecupcakes have all been made by Sarah at Hey Little Cupcake using some ofour cupcake cases, edible decorations, dragees & colourings. You can see more of Sarah'sstunning creations by visiting her website.

Baby Cakes - Vanilla base with blue vanilla butter cream icing. Yummy Mummy - Vanilla base with purple vanilla butter cream icing. Good Girl Charlotte (part of Sarah's new 'Cupcakes and the City' collection created in honor of the new SATC2 film) - Vanilla base with pink vanilla butter cream icing. 50% less sugar.

A great selection of pink cupcakes made by Kelly for a first birthday party. Kelly has used a great combination of pink and white flowers teamed with heart sprinkles and pink sugar balls

These gorgeous heart cupcakes were made by Trudy for her daughter's birthday. Trudy has used a combination of sugar decorations including Peppa Pig, double heart and assorted hearts.