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If you're looking to make your own decorations then we have a great range of small individual cutters and cutter sets. Use them to cut out sugarpaste, flower paste or even chocolate.

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Star Cutter 3cm

Star Cutter 3cm£2.39   £1.39

Star Cutter 4cm

Star Cutter 4cm£2.49   £1.49

Star Cutter 5cm

Star Cutter 5cm£2.59   £1.59

Star Cutter 6cm

Star Cutter 6cm£2.69   £1.69

Star Cutter Set of 3

Star Cutter Set of 3£3.25   £2.25

Butterfly Cutter 3cm

Butterfly Cutter 3cm£2.39   £1.39

Butterfly Cutter 5cm

Butterfly Cutter 5cm£2.49   £1.49

Heart Cutter 3cm

Heart Cutter 3cm£2.39   £1.39

Heart Cutter 4cm

Heart Cutter 4cm£2.49   £1.49

Heart Cutter 5cm

Heart Cutter 5cm£2.59   £1.59

Heart Cutter 6cm

Heart Cutter 6cm£2.69   £1.69

Heart Cutter Set of 3

Heart Cutter Set of 3£3.25   £2.25

Round Cutter 3cm

Round Cutter 3cm£2.39   £1.39

Round Cutter 6cm

Round Cutter 6cm£2.69   £1.69

Wavy Round Cutter Set of 3

Wavy Round Cutter Set of 3£3.25   £2.25

Wavy Square Cutter Set of 3

Wavy Square Cutter Set of 3£3.25   £2.25

Flower Cutter 3cm

Flower Cutter 3cm£2.39   £1.39

Flower Cutter 4cm

Flower Cutter 4cm£2.49   £1.49

Flower Cutter Set of 3

Flower Cutter Set of 3£3.25   £2.25

Carnation Cutter 4cm

Carnation Cutter 4cm£2.69   £1.69

Daisy Cutter 4cm

Daisy Cutter 4cm£2.69   £1.69

Edelweiss Cutter 4cm

Edelweiss Cutter 4cm£2.69   £1.69

Flying Angel Cutter 4cm

Flying Angel Cutter 4cm£2.69   £1.69

Gerbera Cutter 4cm

Gerbera Cutter 4cm£2.69   £1.69

Narcissus Cutter 4cm

Narcissus Cutter 4cm£2.69   £1.69

Crown Cutter 4.5cm

Crown Cutter 4.5cm£2.69   £1.69

Egg Cutter 5.5cm

Egg Cutter 5.5cm£2.39   £1.39

Snowflake Cutter 4cm

Snowflake Cutter 4cm£2.69   £1.69


Page 1 of 1:    28 Items