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Ensure that your oven has reached the temperature as indicted in the recipe before baking your cupcakes.

For best results use your ingredients at room temperature (particularly butter and eggs).

Fill your cases to halfway (or two thirds for a more generous cupcake). 

We recommend that you always use a cupcake or muffin pan to bake your cakes. This will ensure that your cakes will not spread outwards and will fit snugly into your cupcake wrappers. 

When filling your cases try to avoid getting mixture around the edges of the case, this can prevent your cakes rising evenly and will ultimately give a more professional finish to your cupcakes. The easiest way to fill your cases cleanly is to use a piping bag and a large hole icing tube. Once in the oven, keep watch over your cupcakes to ensure they don't overcook. Push a toothpick in the centre to test them. If the toothpick comes out clean, they are ready, if not, bake a little longer. 

Once baked always allow your cupcakes to totally cool before decorating.